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Quit giving 25% of your money to rental company. With our abilities in managing skill trades we will show you how to book it yourself and we will handle the daily on site logistics.

We offer property preventative maintenance no matter if its a secondary investment or a rental that you need assistance in. We will handle from the time your family/guest/client arrive to the time they leave and our team will get it ready for the next visitors. We have learned some things that work and don't work over the last 6 years and feel very confident in the affordable service and immediate, personal customer service. We are excited you have taken the time to visit and we look forward to meeting with you.

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With our regular preventative maintenance schedule we are visually inspecting your property and will work hand in hand in any repairs that could occure while your away.

Because we want your guest to enjoy there time at your place we want to help assist them in any way we can so we have fun adventures for the family so they can pack less and enjoy more time together

​Coastal Maintenance Team

"GOD is good all the time, all the time GOD is good."




We offer honest and reliable services. Its easy for us too tell you this way of renting your property works, but its makes lots more since to here it from some owners that we work hand in hand with everyday. please feel free to contact them, and ask how we are doing.


Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us.

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Repairs, cleaning & maintenance

​Fully Reliable, Reputable, Responsive, in all aspects of your property needs. No matter the situation "We can do that".

- Preventative Maintenance

-Property Maintenance

- Cleaning Services

- Service Calls/Handy man

- Beach Equipment Rentals


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